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Twin Coyotes Winery Tasting Room

2020 Main Street, Cambria, CA 93428

Proudly a part of the Shops at the Garden Shed

Phenomenal wine!! The Tempranillo was one of the favorites, but all of their reds are great. Barbara was pouring for us and she was so much fun!! They have olive oil tastings as well with a delicious balsamic to boot. The tasting room is super cute with lots of merchandise and local art for sale. The location in Cambria is great and definitely worth a trip!!! The twin brother owners, Stu and Steve, are a kick if they happen to be there when you stop by.

Kelly J.

San Diego, CA

We had AMAZING times at TwinCoyotes. Our server Steve, co-owners twin brothers, was a great server and made our experience perfect. Steve shared all the background about each wine and the winery. He made it an incredible experience and shared a lot of wine trivia and information. All of their wines we tried were amazing and we couldn’t help but become wine members!

RobnCyndi K.

Cambria, CA

This is truly a gem. Located on Main St. (East Village) near the Chevron gas station, Twin Coyotes is a small batch winery (farm is in Paso Robles). Both times I went in during a week’s stay in Cambria the staff was friendly (the 2nd time it was the owner behind the counter).

I’m not a white wine drinker, so no information there, however, I am told the whites are just as good as the reds. Speaking of reds-

[Tasting fee] waived if you buy 2 bottles. I purchased the last (sorry) bottle of 2008 Cab from the owner; it was excellent! The owner said they did not bottle Cab for 2009; however, the 2010 should be released this fall.


I also picked up a fun dessert wine which was very good (not so sweet that you feel you’re drinking syrup).

Do yourself a favor and give them a try.

Allan A.

Bakersfield, CA

Twin Coyotes Tasting Room

Twin Coyotes Winery Tasting Room

2020 Main Street, Cambria, CA 93428