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   Wine should be fun

at the moon with us!

Our Founders
from water to wine…


We are twin brothers, and we operate and own Coyote Moon Vineyards with our families.  All of our wines are handmade in small batches, with attention to detail to produce premium wines our primary goal. Great wines start in the vineyard, and we are proud to use only sustainably farmed grapes. Our grapes must adhere to high standards and principles of sustainability, so we manage our vineyard by these axioms: protect the land, protect the employees, and protect the economic viability of the vineyard. We use approved sustainable farming techniques, and provide safety training and equipment to those that work our fields. Our vineyards are a long-term investment that must be treated right.

We often work late into the night, and often hear the local coyotes howling. Of course, we howl along with them. So, enjoy the wines, drink responsibly, and occasionally howl at the moon. After all, wine should be fun!