Coyote Moon Vineyards


Our Mother Earth is the source of all life, whether it be the plants, the two-legged, four-legged, winged ones or human beings.

When we live in harmony with the Mother Earth, she will recycle the things we consume and make them available to our children and to their children.

The Earth does not belong to us, but we belong to the Earth

Native American Philosophy


Coyote Moon Vineyards

At our Coyote Moon Vineyard, we believe in sustainability: the integration of environmental responsibility, social equity, and economic viability. Our farm adheres to the principle that we must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Stewardship of both natural and human resources is of prime importance. Our sustainable farming systems are biologically-based and designed to be productive in both the short and long-term.

We use a “whole-farm” approach to evaluate vineyard management to encourage biological diversity and balance, both above and below ground. At Coyote Moon Vineyard, we recognize that healthy soils are critical to sustainable systems. Healthy biological processes like compost tea are used instead of chemical inputs. This helps to protect our workers from any hazards and protect ground and surface water from pollution.

Cover crops help to minimize erosion and protect water quality, as well as provide habitat for beneficial insects and nutrients to the soil. Our owl boxes and roosting poles for hawks provide “natural” rodent control at the vineyard. Leaf and grape cuttings are mulched into our soil as a natural fertilizer, and we supplement it with organic compost. We favor natural “compost tea” over chemical fertilizers, and beneficial insect predators to control pests.

It is important to us that we leave the land and natural environment in good condition for our grandchildrens’ grandchildren.